tisdag 31 januari 2012

Back At One ♥

It's undeniable 
That we should be together 
It's unbelievable 
How I used to say 
That I'd fall never 
The basis is need to know 
If you don't know 
Just how I feel 
Then let me show you now 
That I'm for real 
If all things in time 
Time will reveal 

You're like a dream come true 
Just want to be with you 
Girl, it's plain to see 
That you're the only one for me 
And four 
Repeat steps one through three 
Make you fall in love with me 
If ever I believe my work is done 
Then I'll start back at one 

It's so incredible 
The way things work themselves out 
And all emotional 
Once you know what it's all about, hey 
And undesirable 
For us to be apart 
I never would have made it very far 
'Cause you know you've got the keys to my heart 


Say farewell to the dark of night 
I see the coming of the sun 
I feel like a little child 
Whose life has just begun 
You came and breathed new life 
Into this lonely heart of mine 
You threw out of the lifeline 
Just in the nick of time 


4 kommentarer:

  1. Härlig låt! Ja, jag borde ju försöka sy, har ju inte ens provat sen jag gick i 8. haha. Kram

  2. sv; tack så jätte mycket! :D söt du är :)
    tack detsamma!

  3. ja det hade vart kul, jag hade mer än gärna sytt :D

    hoppas det gick bra på körskolan :D och att din dag vart underbar.